Small Business Accounting Services

From an Accountant Serving the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area

Geddes & Company, P.C. is proud to be a small, family-owned business with service capabilities comparable to those of a larger firm. As small business owners ourselves, we can relate to the concerns you experience over the course of a year. One thing you should never have to worry about is your business' accounting practices. By allowing Geddes & Company, P.C. to handle all of your small business accounting needs, you will receive the peace of mind that your finances are handled by caring professionals on a personal basis.

What a Professional Accounting Service Can do for You

You've poured blood, sweat, and tears into your business to get it off the ground. As a small business owner, you've done it all, and probably had to do a lot of the heavy lifting yourself. Many small business owners operate with a "do-it-yourself" mentality, and choose to go it alone, even when affordable professional services are readily available. Choosing the DIY approach is admirable, but it can also be an exceedingly risky proposition. As your business grows, inevitably so to will the demands on your attention and time. Don't put your business' finances and employees at risk by refusing to adapt. Take the initiative to pursue the professional option. The following are just some of the many benefits using an experienced and affordable accounting service, such as Geddes & Company, P.C. can provide your business.

Getting the Ball Rolling

When looking to embark on a new business venture, the consultation and advice of a seasoned financial professional cannot be overstated. Geddes & Company, P.C. maintains decades of experience in advising new business owners on the variety of decisions that must be made when starting your company. Our experts are extremely familiar with the local business landscape, and can offer information and resources on what type of company to form, developing a business plan, the necessary documents to file, and how to secure a profit and protect your personal finances while your business is in its infancy.

Securing your Position

Once your small business is up and running, it is vital that you keep your momentum and avoid the potential hangups which plague many new small business. Trusting your small business finances to a professional will help you keep track of transactions and stay on the right side of the law. A robust accounting service, such as Geddes & Company, P.C., can enable the smooth operation of your company, handling everything from employee payroll, to tax preparation and filing.

Measured Growth

When business is booming, many owners and operators are tempted to let things slide. If your business and market share are growing, why worry? It is important to enjoy the rewards owning a successful business can offer, however it is more important to do so wisely in order to provide for continued success for years to come. With a trusted financial advisor on your side you will receive the advice you need to make smart decisions in terms of growth, expansion, and acquisition.

Getting Over Hurdles

Drastic changes is the business climate or economy can occur rapidly, sometimes unanticipated and at a moment's notice. When life delivers an unexpected change in your business' situation, such as a disruption in the supply chain, or the loss of a partner. The unexpected can cripple businesses that are unprepared. By contracting the services of the seasoned accountants at Geddes & Company, you can be assured that someone is vigilantly looking out for potential potholes on the road to success. Our staff will work with you to develop a safety net that will enable your business to stay afloat, even when times are tough.

Geddes & Company, P.C. is here to help your business excel. Our small business accounting services are second to none, and offered with a personal touch and genuine interest you won't find anywhere else. Contact Geddes & Company, P.C. today to find out how we can help your business start, succeed, and grow for generations to come.