Payroll Preparation & Accounting Services

From a Preferred CPA Firm & Accountant Based in Fairfax, VA

Owning and operating a company demands so much of your time on a daily basis. You've become an expert in your industry and have worked hard to build the right team around your business' mission. Your business is your life and livelihood, and you are committed to ensuring that every piece involved operates smoothly. You have probably already invested a great deal of time and energy into hiring the right employees to help cultivate the dedicated business culture you desire. Your team works hard for you, shouldn't someone be working hard for them?

Geddes & Company, P.C. is the premier option for outsourcing all of your payroll needs. We know your employees are important to you and the life blood of your business. It is for that reason that we want to help them get the wages they deserve, on time and without any mistakes.

Benefits of Outsourcing your Payroll

You've already put in the hours to become an expert in your business, now is not the time to become bogged down with managing salaries and pay schedules. Let the accounting professionals at Geddes & Company, P.C. handle all of your payroll preparation needs, so you can focus on building your relationships with your workers, not stressing over finances. There are many benefits to outsourcing your payroll preparation with Geddes & Company, P.C. Below are just several of ways we can help.

Saving Time and Money

Most business owners are not only the head of their company, but are also their own most valuable employee. Choosing to do your own payroll preparation eats up your MVP's time each and every month, stealing your attention away from operating your business and the hard work you've come to love. Imagine if a baseball team made their star pitcher a catcher once a month. It just wouldn't make sense, and would be a tremendous waste of money. As your company's manager and star player, put yourself where you are needed most, networking and growing your business, not sitting in a room crunching numbers.

Secure Services You can Trust

Preparing payroll requires dealing with a great deal of sensitive employee information and, if done incorrectly, could easily hurt your business and your bottom line. By outsourcing your payroll with Geddes & Company, P.C. you can be assured that your accounts are in good hands. Using an unbiased professional service gives you the peace of mind that office politics will stay out of your finances. Additionally, you greatly reduce the risk of leaked personal information, embezzlement, and record manipulation for personal gain.

Staying on the Right Side of the Law

Our certified accounting professionals are already tax law experts. We have over 25 years of experience you can depend on to keep your business clear of legal infractions and IRS scrutiny. Why trust your employees' paychecks to amateurs, or outdated accountants. Geddes & Company, P.C. stays ahead of the curve with regards to tax policy and law changes and can assure you that your finances won't end up in hot water.

Expert Advice

By outsourcing your payroll preparation with Geddes & Company, P.C. not only do you get an experienced and trusted payroll service, you also stand to benefit greatly from the decades of expertise our team has developed. Considering a change to employee salaries? Want to give out a Christmas bonus? Looking to restructure or expand your payroll? Our CPAs can offer you the expert advice you need to make an informed business decision.

Don't suffer through another late night at the end of this month compiling your company's payroll. Let the experts at Geddes & Company, P.C. become valued members of your team. Contact us today to find out how outsourcing your payroll can benefit you personally, and professionally, by freeing up your time and securing your business' smooth operations.