Electronic Filing

In the past twenty years technological advances have launched a new age of human interaction. From personal conversations to social media, to business and financial transactions, nearly every process which before required a telephone or a pen and paper can now be completed virtually. Even federal and state governments aren't immune to this progress. It is now possible to complete both state and federal tax documents entirely online, adding ease and user-friendliness to a notoriously difficult process.

Benefits of E-filing

The tax professionals at Geddes and Company, P.C. offer advanced e-filing services for all of your business and personal tax needs. Working with an expert to file your taxes electronically this spring offers a variety of benefits to traditional methods. Below are several ways in which working with a tax professional to submit your tax documents electronically has revolutionized the tax process.

Ease of Organization

Preparing and filing your taxes electronically offers an improved ability to organize your documents with which traditional paper systems cannot compete. Once your taxes are filed electronically, a permanent record is created that will not be destroyed by the elements or deteriorated over time. Rummaging through years of paper records to file your taxes is exhausting, not to mention the amount of physical space large file cabinets demand in a home or office. By filing electronically, your documents are automatically organized and stored, providing a new ease of access that won't become disheveled over time.

Increasing your Refund

Filing taxes electronically, with the help of a tax professional, puts all the information you need in one place. When considering potential deductions and credits, e-filing programs often do the heavy lifting for you, prompting you to consider every possible deduction or credit that may apply to you. With the help of a tax professional you can easily apply and receive every deduction and credit you deserve, potentially increasing your tax return dramatically when compared to pen and paper filing.


Filing electronically greatly reduces the amount of time you and your tax professional will need to spend compiling documents and filling out forms. Additionally, By submitting your tax documents electronically, there is no need to wait or worry about potential mistakes with the postal system. The IRS will receive your documents immediately after they are submitted, allowing them to process your refund in a matter of days, getting you the money you're owed quickly.
Let Us Help

Geddes & Company, P.C. has experts on staff who have the knowledge you need to flawlessly file your taxes electronically this spring. We offer free electronic filing, with tax preparation, when you mention our website. Contact the tax professionals at Geddes & Company, P.C. today to get the ball rolling on your personal or business taxes.